Preventive Maintenance: Save Time and Money

When we think of maintenance, we generally refer to corrective maintenance, which fixes a problem that has arisen in our building, and we do not worry much about preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance is one that seeks to prevent minor problems from becoming serious, reducing repair costs and downtime.

When a building is completed, it enters its life stage, in which it will suffer considerable deterioration, which can lead to serious damage, which in the worst case will result in rendering the building unusable for various reasons, including security reasons.

Reasons to do preventive maintenance

Health and security

Maintaining a building correctly will help reduce risks caused by deterioration that can threaten the health and safety of its inhabitants and visitors.


Preventive maintenance will reduce potential damage that can affect the cost of the building, maintaining its value for a longer time and, in turn, will allow us to better manage money and spend it on a scheduled basis.


Although this point is purely aesthetic, proper maintenance will maintain a better appearance of the building, which helps improve quality of life.

Main benefits of preventive maintenance


Scheduling maintenance is an investment that in the medium and long term helps save money that would normally be used for corrective maintenance, which is good for finances.

Reduction and Risk

Carrying out preventative maintenance on a property significantly reduces the risk of an accident occurring. Those who do not do preventive maintenance are out of luck and put people’s health and safety at risk.

Property valuation

A well-maintained property is also a valued property. Building maintenance prevents the building from losing market value.

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