Drainage Services

Workings of Multi-family Residential Plumbing

There will be pipes in a typical condo or apartment setup that are just used for the residents’ plumbing requirements. Typically, only that apartment or condo will be served by the pipes located directly beneath the toilets, sinks, and showers.

Public pipes, on the other hand, are those that supply an entire structure or a number of condos; they are often those that bring in fresh water from the municipality and transport wastewater to treatment facilities.

The water supply to several units is sometimes controlled by a single valve, therefore turning off the water supply to one unit may also turn off the water supply to all the other units in the building.

The important question in this situation is which pipes the property owner actually owns.

Routine Plumbing Problems

As you might expect, the plumbing systems in multifamily homes can get rather complicated, and it can be challenging to pinpoint which pipes are shared and which just serve one apartment. Unfortunately, knowing this is crucial in case a problem emerges. Some of the most typical issues with residential plumbing systems include the following:

  • Backing Up of Sewage
  • Clogged Drains
  • Corroded Water Pipes

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