Dog Parks

Dog Parks

Your main objective as the owner of an apartment building is to create a place where people will be eager to sign a lease and move in. However, you have another objective once a tenant is residing in one of your apartments, to keep them happy. After all, renewing an already signed lease is significantly simpler than finding a brand-new tenant, and providing something new and refreshing for them might be as simple as tending to the needs of their pets.

By providing them access to a lovely dog park that is modern and kept up, your tenant’s time will be so enjoyable¬†

Another reason for your tenants to extend their lease is if they have easy access to this park rather than having to go far to the nearest public space. Another one is if their dog has improved its behavior after moving into your apartment building. And yet another reason is if they have pals or acquaintances living next door.

Let us bring this fun, practical, but strategic space to your multi-family building. Fill out the form or give us a call.

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